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Frank Michel Set – MOF – De Buyer stainless steel Paste-cutter and rectangle

Frank Michel is the world pastry champion of MOF, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – Best France Artisan – and created this new rectangular shape and a cutter to prepare quickly small rectangular cakes.
The rectangle has a cutter allowing to the vertical side of paste to be cut at the right size of the shape.
Small tight cakes are easy to keep in hand.
Every year in France this competition ordains only one winner among the different artisans, not only for cooking and only one winner is chosen considering the technical modalities, innovation, respect of tradition, excellency, efficiency and quickness to realize his own craftman work.
Rectangle dimensions : 11,5x4x1,7 cm.
Cutter adapted to the rectangle allowing to cut the right quantity of dough to be introduced in the rectangle.

Price: depending on selection

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