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Mini Kwick: De Buyer piston mini funnel

Mini piston funnel made in stainless steel and plastic with professional standards
it is provided with an exit nozzle of 7 mm diameter.
It is completely waterproof.
The funnel is practical and its little capacity of 0,8 l makes it ideal to distribute small portions of sauce or cream, for example to garnish dishes immediately before serving.
The support is in stainless steel thread laid with silicone for a perfect antislip stability.
Compact and practical.
Can be disassembled in parts for a complete cleaning.
Can be washed in dish-washer
Diameter 15 cm.
Height 15,5 cm.
Width 18,5 cm.

Price: € 57,00 GBP = 47,72  USD = 75,01  CNY = 474,20  JPY = 5.726,96

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