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Quintum : Chef sharpener and flint together

A revolution in sharpening : not only a flint, but with 5 stages for professional sharpening and polishing.
QUINTUM 'HyperSteel' allows to sharpen both professional and home knives.
- CamsTM Registered diamond, ergonomical handle for an easy grip during sharpening.
- 5 sharpening stages:
First stage sharpening with diamond layer grain 400 inclination 15°
From second to fifth stage (numbers indicated on handle) polishing of cutting edge up to obtaining a perfect sharpening.
Total length 45 cm.
Sharpener thickness 3 cm.

Price: € 57,90 GBP = 51,51  USD = 70,99  CNY = 456,91  JPY = 7.854,14

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