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BIG CLOCK : Big radio-controlled clock with temperature

Ideal for home, office, entrance or waiting room.
Elegant radio-controlled clock with wall hanging or to be placed on a table support, with high precision and also possibility of manual setting up.
The hour is coded and transmitted from Mainflingen near Frankfurt with a DCF-77 (77.5 Khz) frequency in a range of 1500 km.
The clock receives the signal, converts it and always shows the right hour.
Time zone.
Alarm clock with snooze function.
Indication of date and day of the week with the possibility of choosing among 8 languages.
Survey of temperatures from 0 degree C to + 50 degrees C.
Dimensions: 268 x 29 (86) x 230 mm.
Batteries: 4 AA of 1,5V not included

Price: € 112,00 GBP = 93,77  USD = 147,39  CNY = 931,76  JPY = 11.252,98

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