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Cooking Colors Case with Victorinox and Microplane accessories

This case containing Victorinox Multi Colors knives is for the chef - man or woman - who wants to differentiate by using the maximum quality of Victorinox, in compliance with HACCP directive and also to have in the case an absolutely necessary item for the chef : the Microplane Zester grater.
The Sanelli's foldable case, black, washable and practical includes the following knives and accessories :
n. 1 paring knife blade cm. 11 yellow handle
n. 1 Santoku knife with alveoli blade cm. 17 fuchsia handle
n. 1 Slicing knife blade cm. 19 green handle
n. 1 Bread toothed-edge knife blade cm. 21 orange handle
n. 1 Chef knife blade cm. 25 black handle
n. 1 Microplane Zester grater thin cut for citrus fruits and aged cheese, sky-blue handle

Price: € 233,00 GBP = 195,07  USD = 306,63  CNY = 1.938,40  JPY = 23.410,21

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