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Oriental sticks : Fork and Knife of Sanelli Ambrogio

Two millenarian cultures, two far away worlds cooperating and getting near also at table .
East + West was born from this meeting : an innovating idea joining together the pleasure and fascination of Oriental ritualism to Occidental habits.
Made in food-approved stainless steel, hygienic and reusable, the sticks – covers East + West guarantee handiness and lightness of use and a maximum safety for the consumer.
The stylized and minimalist line makes them a functional and design product.
Class, modernity and curiosity are united in a modern idea projected towards the future : ideal for today's table fittings.
Total length 25 cm.
Created and designed by Mami Design for Sanelli Ambrogio.
The couple of sticks is packaged in a gift package made in transparent plastic.

Price: € 16,00 GBP = 13,40  USD = 21,06  CNY = 133,11  JPY = 1.607,57

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