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ALL KAI SHUN : Case including Kai Shun Classic damascene knives and Global pliers

The 9 precious damascene kitchen knives of Kai series Shun Classic, contained in a Kai holding case, are completed with Global pliers and an apron with the Kai Japanese logo.
For professional cooks, enabled to have in a case the most excellent kitchen instruments, damascene knives having a great success with culinary élite, to work without compromise with the best of damascene cutlery.
Shun professional knives are made with an inner layer in VG-10 super steel extremely resistant to corrosion and very hard (61±1 HRC, 1,0% carbonium, 1,5% cobalt), allowing to maintain the blade always sharpened in an unequaled way. The outer side of the blade is made in damascene stainless steel of new generation having 32 layers. Thanks to the convex surface of the blade and to the manual sharpening of every Shun knife, an unequaled cutting-edge is obtained and the knife slips also through the most difficult foodstuffs to cut. This cutting-edge together with the balanced weight of the knife allow to work without effort. The damascene veins give every SHUN knife a special character and every knife becomes a unique item – a work of art enclosing craft, technics and design.
This Kai case, where 17 knives can be stored, contains 9 knives and 3 accessories :
- 1 paring knife cm. 10
- 1 kitchen knife cm. 15
- 1 filleting flexible knife, not damascene, cm. 18
- 1 Nakiri knife cm. 16
- 1 Santoku knife cm. 16
- 1 Cook knife with alveoli cm. 20
- 1 Cook knife cm. 25
- 1 Kai apron with logo
- 1 Global GS29 pliers to remove bones from fish
- 1 Serving pliers cm. 30 Global GS28

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Price: € 1.580,00 € 1.422,00 GBP = 1.190,50  USD = 1.871,35  CNY = 11.830,04  JPY = 142.872,61

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