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SET INFUSION : iSi Gourmet Whip Plus Siphon ½ litre + Rapid Infusion + Strainer + 10 cartridges

Highly professional siphon of ½ liter, with steel bottle and header with fixed valve, washable in dishwasher.
It can be used to prepare whipped cream, flavoured cream and specially for ''Espumas and Mousse'', cold and hot, sweet and salted.
Cold food preparations must be stored in a refrigerator for at least 4-6 hours before use, better if placed upside-down or flat, the hot ones must be kept in bain-marie.
The siphon is equipped with 1 lance spout, 1 tulip spout, 1 espumas spout, 1 cleaning brush.
Furthermore the set includes:
- n. 1 RAPID INFUSION The set of iSi Rapid Infusion allows to infuse liquids with other natural tasteful ingredients and to create immediately flavourings in alcohol, oils, water, cream with savoury ingredients such as herbs, spices, seeds, fruits and many others, preparing so artisan cocktails with fresh ingredients.
In this way, the full taste of ingredients is transferred to the beverage or to the infused liquid.
With iSi Rapid Infusion, the infusion takes place through high pressure and the infusion technique is not only easy, sparing and quick, but it captures the delicate fresh flavours of solid ingredients, since it does not require heat.

Price: € 251,90 € 239,31 GBP = 212,90  USD = 293,41  CNY = 1.888,45  JPY = 32.461,72

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