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Decorating-set of 7 pieces

As a true 'art of living', French gastronomy is the essence of social moments spent with friends and family.
This set was created with the intention of providing people with a better understanding of cooking and baking and helping them to conjure up dishes worthy of a gourmet chef.
The accessories included in this set are provided to set the stage for your dishes.
The rings: they may be neither too thin, as they would otherwise lose their shape, nor too thick, as the heat release when cooking and removal from the form would otherwise be delayed.
The decorating spoon: originally from the world of graphics, it is a precision tool for decorating or signing your dishes and adding your own personal touch.
The recipe booklet: it will give you inspiration to present your guests with your masterpieces.
Set contains of:
- 4 stainless steel decorating rings D. 9
- 2 stainless steel decorating spoons with silicone handle
- 1 pusher
- recipe book

Price: € 32,90 GBP = 27,54  USD = 43,30  CNY = 273,70  JPY = 3.305,56

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