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iSi Twist & Sparkle with 10 cartridges

Twist & Sparkle is the new gasification system to prepare easily sparkling drinks, unalcoholic drinks, alternative desserts, innovating cocktails, aperitifs.
Apart from sparkling water, you can prepare refreshing drinks both tasty and entertaining with an innovating product easy to use.
- It makes gaseous your favorite beverage, directly and immediately.
- It maintains drinks sparkling in a refrigerator for different days.
- The practical PET bottle is recyclable and provided with a cap.
- The iSi cartridges for drinks are recyclable too.
- It does not require a large space in kitchen or bar.
- An Italian manual and recipes are included
- Usable without batteries or electricity.
Capacity 950 ml.
1 box containing 10 cartridges is included.

Price: € 59,90 GBP = 50,15  USD = 78,83  CNY = 498,33  JPY = 6.018,33

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