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PINK : Microplane Grater and Gefu Spirelli Colour Fuchsia

Bright Pink (fuchsia) colour for this Microplane grater together with the penknife spaghetti-cutter and julienne of Gefu Spirelli.
Two essential utensils for your kitchen, to grate parmesan cheese, ripened cheese, garlic, ginger, spices, chocolate, orange, lemon and all citrus fruits and to cut in julienne or spaghetti shape vegetables like courgettes, carrots, small potatoes, turnips, with two different thicknesses of 3 and 5 mm.
Both implements are washable in dishwasher.
A beautiful idea for a gift.

Price: € 40,00 GBP = 33,49  USD = 52,64  CNY = 332,77  JPY = 4.018,92

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