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Damascene narrow slicing and carving knife Kai Series Shun Classic

Every Shun knife is a unique piece, a work of art. Shun professional knives are made with an inner layer in VG-10 steel extremely resistant to corrosion with hardness 61 HRC, allowing to maintain the blade always sharpened in an unequaled way. The outer two sides of the blade are made in damascene stainless steel of new generation having 32 layers. Thanks to the convex surface of the blade and to the manual sharpening of every Shun knife, an unequaled cutting-edge is obtained and the knife slips also through the most difficult foodstuffs to cut. This cutting-edge together with the balanced weight of the knife allow to work without effort.
The handle is made in laminated wood (pakka) very strong, elegant and with an ergonomic shape.
The transversal section of the handle has the traditional Japanese chestnut shape, that is adapted to fingers.
Thanks to the new Fulltang type of manufacture, the outline extends up to the handle. Therefore the blade and the handle are perfectly united and the knife can be used in a perfect way.
Knife fit to slice cooked and raw meats or raw fish
Blade length 23 cm.
Handle length 12,2 cm.

Price: € 174,00 GBP = 145,67  USD = 228,98  CNY = 1.447,56  JPY = 17.482,30

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