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Benrimer Small Japanese mandoline with receptacle

The Benriner Japanese mandoline is a professional implement of kitchen equipment that guarantees a maximum efficiency and offers many cutting choices.
The high quality blades in stainless steel are very sharp and provide a precise cut of vegetables.
This model with an inclined receptacle-tray guarantees a clean and net cut, like a slicer and allows to keep the pieces cut maintaining a clean working bench.
The tray has also an inner area that can be used to grate garlic, ginger, etc..
The mandoline allows to obtains 4 types of cut:
- The flat even blade cuts perfect slices and the cutting thickness can be set-up up to a maximum of 4 mm.
- 3 julienne blades allow to cut strips with 3 different widths 1,2 mm, 3 mm and 7 mm.
You can prepare from vegetable side-dishes to professional dishes.
All vegetables and fruits can be easily cut with this Japanese mandoline.
Fit for almost all vegetables like onions, peppers, radishes, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, beet-roots, courgettes, apples, peaches, pears, etc..
Blades in tempered steel, ABS structure, plastic receptacle.
Dimensions of mandoline and receptacle:
32x9,8x9,2 cm.

Price: € 59,00 GBP = 49,39  USD = 77,64  CNY = 490,84  JPY = 5.927,91

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