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Robot Coupe Cutter-Vegetable- cutter R101XL

Two equipments in one, Robot-cutter and Vegetable-cutter.
To hash, knead, crush, mince easily.
EFFICIENT : only 1 or 2 minutes are necessary to prepare a mayonnaise dressing, a tartare, a carrot mash or an apple compote.
This vegetable-cutter is provided with an XL Extra-Large hopper that allows to insert up to 6 tomatoes and guarantees a higher productivity.
Registered lid : total charge of hopper
Cylindric hopper Diameter 58 mm : uniform cut of long and delicate products.
Addition of liquids or ingredients during use.
1 even knife with indication of series
2 stainless steel Disks for 2 mm slices and 2 mm Julienne.
Rotation speed of blades 1500 rotations/min.
Basin capacity : 1,9 liters
Power : 450 W
Voltage : monophase 230 V
Speed 1500 revolutions/min
Number of covers : from 1 to 20
Dimensions : Width 220 mm. Thickness 300 mm. Height 450 mm.
Delivery time : 5 days

Price: € 595,00 GBP = 498,13  USD = 783,02  CNY = 4.949,98  JPY = 59.781,44

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