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Robot Coupe immersion mixer MP 240 V.V.

Immersion mixer mini range, small dimensions for large performances.
Handle shape studied for an excellent grip of the equipment and an effortless use.
Advantages of the product:
-Perfect hygiene : Shaft, knife, bell completely disassemblable, an exclusivity of Robot-Coupe.
-Strong equipment : choice of materials and manufacturing precision for a longer duration.
- High working capacity : High power of motor for the preparation of large quantities and an optimal quality of the finished product. 2000 to 12500 rotations/minute in mixer function
- Emulsionating disk removable in stainless steel to homogenize hot or cold sauces and give them a spongy consistency.
- Stainless steel knife coated to guarantee a perfect hygiene and designed to prepare soft soups, gravies and sauces.
Its performances in hygienic terms, its easiness of use, its polyvalence, duration and profitability make it one of the best immersion mixers on the market.
Tube length 240 mm.
Power : 270 Watts
Monophase  230 V
Total length 53,5 cm. Diameter 7,8 cm.
Weight 2,5 kg.
Delivery time : 5 days

Price: € 375,00 GBP = 333,62  USD = 459,79  CNY = 2.959,28  JPY = 50.868,75

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