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Robot Coupe Planetary kneading machine Bakermix Mix 50

Kneading machine for professional and home use, high quality with a mechanic selection of speed placed on the upper part of the equipment.
Speeds :
Positions 1-3 hook
Positions 4-7 spatula
Positions 7-10 whip
Grid and hopper :
The mixer has a sliding protection grid for an easy opening/closure on which there is a small cradle to introduce ingredients during the preparation.
The total closure desactivates the motor micro safety
The fastening of the basin is very easy and strong, as the handles of the basin.
The stainless steel basin of this model has a capacity of 5 liters.
This model, like the others of the same BakerMixer line, is provided with three accessories whip-spatula-hook made in stainless steel.
Power 750 W
Monophase supply 230 V
10 speeds from 40 to 260 rotations/minute
Capacity pizza dough 50% humidity 1 kg
Max capacity egg pasta total 1 kg
Max contents Cream 1 liter
Dimensions 380x310x455 mm.
Weight 15 kg
Delivery time : 5 days

Price: € 1.105,00 GBP = 983,06  USD = 1.354,84  CNY = 8.720,00  JPY = 149.893,25

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