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Titanium Bag : Case with Kasumi titanium knives and accessories

This case containing Kasumi titanium knives has been studied for people who need light knives with an exceptional cutting duration, quick and slipping cuts, who appreciate quality and look for excellency also in knives .
The blades manufactured with Japanese steel composed of Molibdenite and Vanadium with a Titanium layer, a coating that allows to obtain the maximum sharpening through the union between Titanium and steel.
The outer sharpening of Kasumi Titanium is formed by the mix between the best technologies and the experience of artisan works in the production of kitchen knives.
Titanium, being atoxic and creating no ferric ions, keeps unalterate the taste of foodstuffs guaranteeing and maintaining the natural tastes.
Titanium has an excellent resistance against corrosion and is very easy to clean and to handle for all everyday uses.
Titanium is a material resisting abrasions and allows to protect the edge of the blade in steel with Molybdenite and Vanadium. The combination of these two materials guarantees that blades remain sharpened for a longer time.
The advantages of Titanium are:
- Resistance to corrosion in all the different situations of use
- Atoxic
- Higher resistance to steel abrasions
-Resistance to chemical agents and acids
- Hygienic Antiallergenic
- Without odour
The Wusthof case contains 6 Kasumi knives Titanium line and 1 diamonded sharpener to sharpen your knives.
The shapes of the 6 knives are:
n. 1 paring knife cm. 8
n. 1 boning knife cm. 12
n. 1 kitchen knife cm. 13
n. 1 santoku knife cm. 18
n. 1 cook knife cm. 20
n. 1 slicing knife cm. 20
The handle of the knives is in black Polypropylene resistant up to 90°C
Than in the bag there are n. 1 small spatula Dick cm. 10. n. 1 fishbone tweezers Dick and n. 1 Utility tong for chef Dick

Price: € 600,00 € 570,00 GBP = 477,20  USD = 750,12  CNY = 4.742,00  JPY = 57.269,61

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