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Comb frame for garganelli with stick

Wood frame with stick to prepare the garganelli, typical egg-pasta of Emilia-Romagna region.
Garganelli look like penne, but are slightly different for the overlapped pasta folding and for the ruling, they can easily be made with this wood frame with a stick.
The particular uneven surface and the ruling of pasta allows that the seasoning and the sauce form a unit with the egg-pasta and give a very tasty first course.
Dimensions of comb 9x15 cm Height 2 cm.
Total length with handle 23,5 cm.
Stick length 22,5 cm, thickness 1,2 cm.

Price: € 7,00 GBP = 5,86  USD = 9,21  CNY = 58,24  JPY = 703,31

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