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Dumpling Cube : paste-cutter, ravioli panzerotti mould

Prepare ravioli and panzerotti has never been so easy.
The Dumpling Cube must be disassembled to create 4 ravioli through a few steps.
With the paste-cutter included you can cut with precision a pasta square for each ravioli, place four squares on the open Dumpling Cube , then add the filling and reclose the Dumpling Cube that will seal perfectly the edges realizing four perfect ravioli.
Reassemble the Dumpling Cube to store it practically.
The Dumpling Cube is safe for foodstuffs, can be washed in dish-washer and is recyclable.
Dimensions of ravioli : cm. 8X4

Price: € 23,90 GBP = 21,26  USD = 29,30  CNY = 188,60  JPY = 3.242,04

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