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Global sharpening stone professional in ceramics Grain 120

Special ceramics stone to sharpen knives or cutting instruments.
Advised to be used for Global knives and all professional knives.
Ideal for people requiring professional results.
Made in hardened ceramics powder for a quick, easy work.
This stone with grain 120 is colored and useful to refine knives with a damaged edge before using a medium grain stone and finishing them with a thin grain stone.
The hardened ceramics powder used for this product allows to sharpen knives quickly and easily. A long immersion is not required before use.
After pouring water on all the polishing area, knives can be sharpened.
Dimensions : 21 x 7 x 19 cm.

Price: € 179,00 GBP = 149,86  USD = 235,56  CNY = 1.489,15  JPY = 17.984,67

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