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Kyocera complete mandoline set : even cut, julienne, grater, receptacle, protection

Practical set of six Kyocera accessories and equipped with all the items necessary to slice and to grate.
The three instruments with different colors are ideal to be used on bowls, dishes or receptacles for a quick work.
They were also designed to adapt solidly over the lid of receptacle, that can be used to collect and measure foodstuffs.
Perfect for cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, ginger, courgettes, hard paste cheese, etc..
Characteristics :
• Set of three ustensils with plastic receptacle and hand protection including :
n. 1 adjustable slicer (black) 4 cutting heights: 0,5 mm, 1,3 mm, 2 mm e 3 mm. ,
n. 1 Julienne slicer (red), julienne width 2,5 mm.
n. 1 grater (green)
• Adjustable mandoline easy to be used : turn the ring on the back to choose one of the four different thicknesses
• Lid and bottom to be used as receptacle to collect and preserve foodstuffs
• very sharp ceramics blades with edge and sharpening of long duration, the foodstuffs cut do not get oxydized
• Hand protection included, it keeps still the food to be cut in order to work safely and protect fingers
• Foodstuffs slip without effort

Price: € 58,90 GBP = 49,31  USD = 77,51  CNY = 490,01  JPY = 5.917,86

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