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Kyo White Block : bamboo block with 4 Kyocera Kyo Fine knives white handle and blade

Elegant Kyocera bamboo block with 4 knives series Kyo Fine White with white handle.
The material usually called ceramics is in reality zirconia powder, a material of natural origin from which a high performances ceramic is obtained through a sintering process, used in aerospace, electronic, medical industries.
Extremely pure material, technologically registered, that guarantees to blades:
excellent cutting, lightness, no transfer of taste or smell and no oxidation of the food cut.
Kyocera blades do not fear the comparison with the imitations present on the market.
This block fit to be hanged on a wall or put in a drawer or on a worktable contains 4 knives with white blade and white handle :
1 paring knife blade cm. 7,5
1 vegetable knife cm. 11
1 slicing knife blade cm. 13
1 santoku knife for all types of cuts, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, blade cm. 14
Dimensions of bamboo block 340x125x65 mm.

This item is not for sale to people under 18.
By ordering this item you declare that you are at least 18 years old.
The article is offered for sale for domestic use.

Price: € 234,00 € 222,30 GBP = 186,11  USD = 292,55  CNY = 1.849,38  JPY = 22.335,15

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