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Professional citrus and pomegranate squeezer

The pomegranate and citrus squeezer of Cilio is black and is a multifunctional and professional squeezer, for both fruits.
Optimal to squeeze lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits and pomegranates.
Easy to use by means of an efficient and long mechanism of lever.
Ergonomic large handle in rubber for a practical use.
Resistant design and manufacture with pressure-moulded zinc components.
Funnel and cone in high quality stainless steel
Rubber base that can be easily removed and cleaned.
Feet in rubber to maintain the base, with suckers included to avoid any slipping.
Dimensions : 18x25x48 cm.
Height with lever up : 79 cm.
Weight 6,5 kg

Price: € 133,90 GBP = 112,10  USD = 176,21  CNY = 1.113,95  JPY = 13.453,33

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