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Blade Cube : 3 Microplane graters in one single cube

A practical cube with lid and three Microplane original blades manufactured in USA.
- Thin blade for citrus fruit, seasoned cheese, spices, garlic, etc.
-Medium double blade for compact cheese, chocolate, vegetables, etc.
- Thick blade for vegetables, fruit, chocolate, etc.
This cube is useful not only for grating but also for measuring and preserving, thanks to the transparent lid that allows to grate foodstuffs and conserve them in frigidaire , capacity 350 ml and a measure scale on one side.
Compact design guaranteeing a good conservation of the product.
Nonslip base
Washable in dish-washer.
A hand washing of the lid is advisable.
Dimensions : 8,9x8,9x8,9 cm.

Price: € 24,95 € 19,96 GBP = 17,76  USD = 24,47  CNY = 157,51  JPY = 2.707,57

- 20%
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