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MR . BUTLER : bottles holder or magazines holder for wall in cork

Cork is a 100% natural material, reusable and recyclable and can be used to create products meant for everyday life at home or office.
MR. BUTLER is a storage solution for bottles and magazines. Made in cork, a mix of cork and leather, an agglomerate that makes a very resistant support structure ; this is the perfect solution to organize your wine collection.
Every media can contain up to 25 kg, much more weight than a wine bottle.
With MR. BUTLER at home you can associate elegance to a fully recyclable product and file perfectly.
Two metal eyelets allow to hang the bottles holder safely and easily.
Dimensions 20 x 53 cm open

Price: € 37,00 € 29,60 GBP = 24,78  USD = 38,95  CNY = 246,25  JPY = 2.974,00

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