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Pastabike : Paste-cutter of Marcato Design

Pastabike, line Marcato Design, is a perfect accessory to cut fresh pasta.
Pastabike, made in crystal polycarbonate, is provided with 9 interchangeable rollers that can be placed and removed easily.
It allows to prepare many sizes of pasta : pappardelle, reginette, crostoli, circles for agnolotti, squares for tortellini, crackers and many other products created by fantasy in kitchen.
Easy to use and with a pleasant design, Pastabike is the ideal paste-cutter for people who like to prove different shapes of homemade fresh pasta.

Do not wash in dish-washer
Do not clean with metal objects
Clean with toothpicks or little brush.
Material: anodized aluminium alloy
Material : crystal polycarbonate – rollers : acetalic resin

Price: € 17,90 GBP = 14,99  USD = 23,56  CNY = 148,92  JPY = 1.798,47

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