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Biscuits : machine for home-made biscuits

Biscuits, line Marcato Design, is an attractive device to prepare homemade biscuits.
Biscuits has 20 draw-plates to obtain 20 shapes of biscuits, one for every event of the year. With this device you can prepare biscuits to decorate or to fill as you prefer, according to your own taste.
Rolling the regulating knob you can obtain biscuits of different sizes:
position 1 : small biscuits
position 2 : large biscuits.
Biscuits is a device easy to use without the need for oven paper or butter in the baking-pan : with only one cylinder charge and an easy movement you can prepare 20/25 large biscuits or 35/40 small biscuits.
With an ergonomic shape, manufactured in anodized aluminium alloy food-approved, it is colored with a special process in order not to leave any residue on the dough. Biscuits guarantees homemade biscuits pure and healthy at 100%  and is made according to the guide lines of the company as to research, development and technology.
With this product you can have moments of entertainment with your children and convivial family events. Excellent gift idea, Biscuits is a device that will make you discover the taste and the naturalness of homemade biscuits like grandma's.
Important :
1.Do not use oven paper
2. Do not wash in dish-washer
3. Do not clean with metal objects
4. Clean with hot water and detersive
Size : 55x55x210 mm.
Weight : 0,6 kg.
Anodized aluminium alloy

Price: depending on selection

No available
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