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Pastadrive : Motor for pasta making machine

Pastadrive, from Marcato Design's line, is a motor that can be applied to the pasta making machines lines Ampia and Atlas to make your work quicker and easier.
It is a powerful and strong product, designed with a bayonnet connection to make the installation easy and guaranteeing a stability of use (no clamp is necessary). In only three easy movements you can connect and fix the Pastadrive motor to the pasta making machine.
Manufactured with an ergonomic shape easy to handle, it can be applied to all the products of Ampia and Atlas lines and to some accessories of Atlas 150 (for safety reasons not all the accessories can be provided with the Pastadrive motor).
Pastadrive joins tradition and technology : you can obtain a natural pasta like grand-mother's more quickly and with less hard work.
For a dynamic and quick work you can purchase Marcato's Pastadrive motor, a functional and ingenious accessory that gives you a further support in kitchen.
Dimensions : 180 x 130 x 110 mm.
Weight 1,1 kg
Supply 220 V
 2 years guaranty

Price: € 119,00 GBP = 99,63  USD = 156,60  CNY = 990,00  JPY = 11.956,29

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