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Schneider DUPLO (two in one) throwaway confectionery bags 75 items per roll

Confectionery bag having double compartment with a division in the middle, for a best use of two different ingredients in the same time.
Made in PE material, the inner surface is silky for a maximum flow of the product.
Transparent colour, hygienical.
Closed point it can be used also without spouts for decorations.
Material : polyethylene
Length : 45,5 cm
Width : 30,5 cm
Thickness of material : 70 µ
Resistant inner division in the center of the bag, in order to be able to use simultaneously two masses, even dense ones .
75 bags per box

Price: € 19,90 GBP = 16,66  USD = 26,19  CNY = 165,55  JPY = 1.999,41

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