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Global Pro Chef complete: Global Pro Case complete with 11 knives and accessories

Large Global case designed for the professional on the go who uses often by plane, train or subway, it can carry easily in this case knives, accessories, chef's uniform, tablet or laptop, pens and business cards and leave at any moment.
No compromise the exceptional care with which this case was carried out with attention to detail, zip, stitching and finishing excellent.
The case comes complete with Global knives and accessories to allow the chef to have all the tools necessary to work in the kitchen, in a laboratory or in an event.
The Global Pro Case comes with the following tools:
n. 1 Sharpener ceramic Global G45
n. 1 Bread Knife serrated blade cm. 22 Global G9
n. 1 Meat cutting knife blade cm. 21 Global G3
n. 1 Chef Knife blade cm. 20 Global G2
n. 1 Santoku knife with fluted cm. 18 Global G48
n. 1 Deba knife blade cm. 18 Global G7
n. 1 Utility knife serrated cm. 15 Global GS14
n. 1 Carving knife slicing cm. 13 Global GS3
n. 1 Kitchen knife blade cm. 11 Global GS1
n. 1 Kitchen scissor Global GKS210
n. 1 Tweezens length cm. 30 Global GS28
n. 1 Spatula flexible blade cm. Total length 20 cm. 38 Global GS42/8
n. 1 Utility knife blade cm. 11 Global GSF49
n. 1 Paring straight knife cm. 8 Global GSF31
n. 1 Peeling knife blade cm. 6 Global GSF17
Also included:
n. 11 Protections blade transparent for each knife in this case

Price: € 1.500,00 € 1.350,00 GBP = 1.130,22  USD = 1.776,60  CNY = 11.231,06  JPY = 135.638,55

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