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Paste-cutter Poetry label shaped in stainless steel

Paste-cutter, mould in stainless steels with the shape of a label, card.
This mould can be used to prepare biscuits or decorations and allows to include the name of the person, the Happy birthday or Christmas wishes or other undertitles for events or graphics, for cakes and special biscuits.
Perfect to decorate Cupcakes, cakes and other pastries.
The high quality steel and a right thickness provide a long duration to the mould.
The sharp cutting edge guarantees a precise punching, while the rounded edge on the upper part is absolutely safe for use.
Washable in dish-washer.
Dimensions : 8 cm. X 5,5 cm.

Price: € 2,50 GBP = 2,09  USD = 3,29  CNY = 20,80  JPY = 251,18

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