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Cook foldable case with 7 knives Due Cigni

This case has been studied properly for professional cooks and cuisine students.
7 knives of high quality manufactured by the company Due Cigni of Maniago, with a tradition in cutlery for more than 100 years.
Handle in POM fit for dish-washer.
Rivets in stainless steel
Blade in satinated stainless steel X50CrMOV15
Excellent sharpening for a long duration cut.
The Zwilling foldable case is supplied with the following knives :
- Curved paring-knife blade cm. 7
- Vegetable knife blade cm. 10
- Boning knife blade cm. 13
- Filleting knife blade cm. 18
- Santoku vegetable knife with alveoli blade cm. 18
- Cook carving knife blade cm. 25
- Toothed-edge knife for bread, oven products blade cm. 20

Price: € 179,00 GBP = 149,86  USD = 235,56  CNY = 1.489,15  JPY = 17.984,67

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