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Block knives holder 10 positions Global Design White

With its unique high-tech design, this elegant Global block keeps knives safely, protecting their cutting-edge and maintaining them always ready for use.
Unique design, its structure allows to store 9 knives and 1 flint.
Body in White coloured polyethylene with the feature of a black point
The block can contain 9 knives and 1 flint ; maximum size of the blade is a cook knife of 25 cm (10 inches)
Unique high-tech design.
For cleaning, rub it with a wet dish-cloth.
Dimensions : 27,3 x 25,4 x 10,2 cm.
Product made in Japan

Price: € 146,00 GBP = 122,23  USD = 192,14  CNY = 1.214,62  JPY = 14.669,06

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