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Global White Block with 4 knives

An elegant block containing 4 knives of exceptional precision, control and comfort of the Global Japanese company.
These knives very appreciated by chefs thanks to their lightness and their perfect balance, are sharpened in an excellent way and the neat edge guarantees an excellent and long cut.
The block allows to store up to 9 knives and 1 sharpener and the high-tech design and the white polyethylene body make it a very elegant object in your kitchen.
The block is supplied with the following knives :
n. 1 Global cook knife G2 blade cm. 20
n. 1 Santoku knife with alveoli G48 blade cm. 18
n. 1 Kitchen knife GS3 blade cm. 13
n. 1 Paring knife GS38 blade cm. 9
Dimensions of block: 27,3 x 25,4 x 10,2 cm.

Price: € 450,00 € 427,50 GBP = 357,90  USD = 562,59  CNY = 3.556,50  JPY = 42.952,21

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