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Ristora : Set magnetic bar with 6 Sanelli knives + 1 scissor as gift

Renew the knives of your kitchen, restaurant, laboratory.
Magnetic bar with length of 45 cm to dowel to the wall, perfect to hang all knives, saving place in a drawer and without risk of damaging the cutting-edge of knives.
Practical to be used, the magnetic bar allows to keep in order, hygiene and safety.
This set is offered with magnetic bar, 6 knives and 1 free scissor.
The selection of knives, perfect for kitchen laboratories, restaurants or gastronomy laboratories, includes :
n. 1 Boning knife blade cm. 14
n. 1 Flexible knife to fillet or slice blade cm. 22
n. 1 Bread, oven products knife blade cm. 21
n. 1 Santoku knife with alveoli for vegetables and chopping blade cm. 18
n. 1 Cook knife blade cm. 26
n. 1 kitchen toothed-edge knife blade cm. 30
The blades of the Sanelli Abrogio professional knives are produced with stainless steel of the Aciéries de Bonpertuis, French company supplier at all times of the most important field manufacters in the world . The specific percentages of Nitrogen (N), Carbon, Chrome, Molibdenite and Vanadium of the steels used confers to the knives an optimal hardness, a long duration of cutting-edge, resistance to corrosion and excellent capability of cutting.
As a GIFT you will find a kitchen multiuse scissor perfect for meat, fish and fit to be used for all the cuttings in the everyday work of your laboratory.
Products Made in Italy
NSF knives certification, conformity to get in contact with foodstuffs.

Price: € 140,00 GBP = 117,21  USD = 184,24  CNY = 1.164,70  JPY = 14.066,22

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