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Bread Party : Set bread moulds for canapés + slice regulating knife

Bread with a difference!
Prepare excellent sandwiches with unusual shapes, canapés with other forms easily, thanks to the moulds for bread in the shape of flower, heart, star and square.
Just prepare the dough for bread (little recipe leaflet enclosed) and introduce in the oven the three cylinders with closure and the mould for rectangular bread and the oven will bake the bread for canapés with flower, heart, star, square shapes.
Heart diameter cm. 7,5 mould length cm. 22
Diameter flower cm. 7,5 mould length cm. 22
Diameter star cm. 7,5 mould length cm. 22
Dimensions rectangular mould length 24,5 x 4 x 4 cm.
In the set you will also find a knife to set-up slices that allows to prepare all equal slices of bread, with a maximum thickness of cm. 3
Knife blade length cm. 24
This set is also a beautiful idea for a gift

Price: € 58,00 GBP = 48,56  USD = 76,33  CNY = 482,52  JPY = 5.827,43

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