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Gift Macaroons

With this set you can prepare Macaroons, package them and make an alternative gift to friends and parents for a birthday or for Christmas.
The set includes :
n. 1 Confectionery bag height cm. 34 made in a highly flexible material, reusable, resistant and safe. Strong grip and slipping inner surface . (47112-34)
n. 1 Spout round hole in stainless steel of mm. 14 (47353-14)
n. 1 silicone mat for macaroons dimensions 40x30 cm to prepare 48 French macaroons of cm. 4
n. 1 cellophane sachet, stickers and labels to package your delicious macaroons (6 sachets 6 stickers 6 labels).

Price: € 39,00 GBP = 32,65  USD = 51,32  CNY = 324,45  JPY = 3.918,45

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