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Global CookBook : The Global knives in the kitchens of 4 great chefs

Precious advices on cutting techniques and the right use of knives in this book Global CookBook, to celebrate the 30 years of the famous Global knives.
Four starred chefs were involved as exceptional teachers to explain how to use correctly kitchen knives in the main cutting operations in kitchen.
- Moreno Cedroni for fish: filleting and carpaccio of fish.
- Pietro Leemann for vegetable cutting.
- Giancarlo Morelli and Norbert Niederkofler for meat: boning and tartare.
8 interesting recipes and secrets of chefs.
Information on cleaning and sharpening of knives and four video interviews to chefs (that can be seen on tablet and smartphone through QR code)
60 pages

Price: € 19,90 GBP = 16,66  USD = 26,19  CNY = 165,55  JPY = 1.999,41

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