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Wusthof Barbecue Set complete with case

This elegant Wusthof Set for BBQ Barbecue is composed of pliers, fork, shovel and brush.
A barbecue set of the highest quality, completely in metal and that will make every grill party an unforgettable experience.
The grill pliers are ideal to position, turn down and serve meat, fish and vegetable side-dishes.
The opening of pliers can be easily set up with a mere pression of the hand, allowing a safe and easy use.
With the fork you can position food safely on the grill. The long and sharp points are ideal to stick larger loaves of meat, for example legs of chicken.
The rounded shovel is useful to turn down hamburgers, steaks, etc..on the grill and to serve them.
The brush is to be used after cooking to clean the grill very promptly.
The short brass bristles remove the most obstinate dirt in the less accessible points .
This barbecue set made of pliers, fork, shovel and brush, in opaque stainless steel of high quality, is functional and pleasant thanks to its modern design.
The long and strong handles provide an excellent protection against burning embers and have a practical grip, with a perfect grasp.
Completely made in 18/8 steel, the accessories are easy to clean and can be washed in a dish-washer.
The pliers, fork and shovel can be hanged to the grill thanks to the rounded hook on the handle, for being always ready for use.
Afterwards the four implements can be stored in the nylon bag safely and cleanly.
To save space, the bag can be folded and stored up to next BBQ.
Complete with nylon roll
Implements length 51 cm.

Delivery time : 7 days

Price: € 76,00 GBP = 63,63  USD = 100,02  CNY = 632,27  JPY = 7.635,95

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