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Bron Coucke Professional Mandoline 38 blades + Comb 60 blades + Protection sheath + peeler Victorinox

This mandoline is the perfect tool and the most complete suitable for restaurateurs.
The real mandolin MADE IN FRANCE with board support surface (patented)
All cuts are made quickly on the same device without the need to remove or add items, thanks to embedded control systems.
This mandolin is complete with two different knives:
- 38 blades: allows the creation of sticks, julienne width 7 and 3 mm.
- 60 blades: it allows the creation of thin strips of width 4.5 and 2 mm. (Knife supplied separately)
You can cut vegetables and fruit into thin slices or sticks or thin julienne.
Provided trolley saves fingers in stainless steel.
In tribute Peelers with Victorinox Serrated blade, to prepare your fruits and vegetables in speed and slice them in the easiest and fastest way.
Size: 135 x 410 x 45 mm.

Price: € 245,00 GBP = 217,96  USD = 300,39  CNY = 1.933,39  JPY = 33.234,25

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