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Block complete with Global Knives 30th anniversary Limited Series

Research for design, excellent choice of materials, perfect finishing for this Gefu block that we have wanted to complete with 4 knives of Global Limited Series.
In kitchen 4 knives with different blades and dimensions may be sufficient to make many types of cuts and thanks to the block can be always ready for use, placing it on the worktable safely and with an elegant look.
The knives-holder block in stainless steel of Gefu has a height of 22,5 cm, a diameter of 11 cm and contains 4 Global knives with the following dimensions :
n. 1 G77 Chef knife with alveoli blade cm. 20
n. 1 GS83 Kitchen knife blade cm. 13
n. 1 GS38 Paring-knife blade cm. 9
n. 1 GS82 Filleting knife flexible blade length cm. 14,5

This item is not for sale to people under 18.
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The article is offered for sale for domestic use.

Price: € 350,00 € 315,00 GBP = 263,72  USD = 414,54  CNY = 2.620,58  JPY = 31.649,00

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