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Portable knife-sharpener Wusthof

Farewell to blunted knives – thanks to the new compact knife-sharpener of Wusthof.
With the new compact and portable knife-sharpener, WUSTHOF offers the best solution to have sharpened knives -wherever you are.
Two sharpening phases are available to provide the blade with the sharpening required.
The - ''Coarse'' phase must be chosen when the knife is completely blunded.
The carbon grinder restores the angle of faceting.
The second phase – ''Fine'' is fit both for finishing after the first phase and to sharpen the blade periodically.
Ceramics grinders level the facets and restore the original edge of the knife.
This knife-sharpener is manufactured in such a way as to allow even not practical people sharpen knives easily.
Blade must be inserted vertically in the slit with grinders, pulling toward oneself up to the point and applying a moderate pression, while the other hand holds the handle of the knife-sharpener.
According to the level of blunting, the operation must be repeated. Before and after sharpening blades must be cleaned.
Dimensions : 7,5 x 4 cm.

Price: depending on selection

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