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Set for '' Sfoglina'' (Pasta-maker) : rolling-pin, knife for tagliatelles, paste-cutter, scraper

The cooking art of Bologna and of the Emilia-Romagna region implies the preparation of fresh egg pasta, strictly by hand and the sheet of pasta is spread according to rules of art with a rolling-pin.
The ''sfoglina'' (woman pasta-maker) is a real skilled job that implies manual capacities of kneading and working the fresh pasta and the filled one.
This set includes the essential instruments for the ''sfoglina''  :
- Rolling pin with fixed handle in beech-wood cm. 60
- Pasta-cutter knife to cut tagliolini (thin tagliatelles) or tagliatelles blade length cm. 26
- Scraper-pasta-cutter in stainless steel to cut the dough and to clean the trencher Dimensions 18x9 cm.
- Roller pasta-cutter double with even and undulated cuts. Total length 18 cm., roller diameter 4 cm.

Price: € 48,00 GBP = 42,70  USD = 58,85  CNY = 378,79  JPY = 6.511,20

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