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Wusthof Modern Case complete with 4 Knives, sharpener, Mandoline, Timer and Thermometer

Modern Wusthof case in very durable fabric with book opening complete with all the tools useful to the kitchen professional.
Two separate compartments, each with zip closure, were fitted with the following knives and accessories:
n. 1 Cook knife Pro Series Wusthof length blade cm. 23
n. 1 Santoku Wusthof Pro Series knife blade length cm. 17
n. 1 Knife with serreted Knife Wusthof Pro Series Knife length cm. 23
n. 1 Deus Wusthof Pro Series knife blade length cm. 16
n. 1 Wusthof Hardness 65 HRC for an effective clamping of your knives. Length cm. 23
n. 1 Compact Mandoline Moha. Just turn the button to adjust the thickness from 0 to 4 mm. And push the cross bar to get a julienne cut. Dimensions: H: 13.34 inches L 28.9 cm D: 6.35 cm
n. 1 Timer with clamp, can be attached to the kitchen apron, shirt or pocket, on a handle of a pot and pan, on the computer screen. The digital screen rotates up to 360 °. From 1 to 99 minutes. Battery included.
Dimensions H: 7 cm L: 4 cm D: 4 cm
n. 1 TFA probe digital thermometer for liquid, paste and semisolid liquid temperature measurement.
Probe length 140 mm. Water splash protection IP 55 Automatic shut-off Complete with plastic hood cap. Detects temperatures from -50 ° C to + 300 ° C
Combination lock for a higher safety.
Provided with handle and shoulder belt. Black Colour.
Enclosed case size: 480 x 250 x 60 mm.

Price: € 284,00 € 269,80 GBP = 240,03  USD = 330,80  CNY = 2.129,10  JPY = 36.598,37

- 5%
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