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Ethical cuisine set: Thai basic kitchen tools

Thai home cooking is not as complicated as some might think.
To create Thai traditional cuisine, in addition to the ingredients, you do not have to have many tools.
If you are Thai food lovers or want to cook Thai food regularly, you will have the following essential tools to make things simpler for you:
n. 1 Mortar with granite pestle: For herbs, spices, mortar extracts the flavors and essential oils better, which is not achieved with the blender. In addition, this small mortar allows small quantities to be harvested, working efficiently. Dimensions D. 12.5 cm Height 9-10.5 cm.
n. 1 Wok iron D. 24 cm. De Buyer: A good carbon steel wok makes your fast cooking Thai dishes perfect or frying. Thanks to its conical base you can cook or fry small and large quantities.
n. 1 Mandoline for smooth cuts and Julienne of Moha: this mandolin makes smooth cut from 0 to 4 mm. And julienne is indispensable in Thai cuisine, allowing you to cut all the same vegetables and have a homogenous baking, indispensable in fast cooking Thai dishes
n. 1 Fine cut Microplane grater, white handle for citrus, ginger, garlic.
n. 1 Wooden spoon for use in the wok with total length cm. 30

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