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Global case completed with 4 knives G Series

Global Case with 4 knives indispensable for the professional who wants to work best in the kitchen fish, meat and vegetables.
The peculiarity of this briefcase is that it is suitable both for the processing of fish and especially for sushi and for those who want to sliced ​​meat better after cooking in the barbecue or cutting the pork fillet or the roasted beef, etc. before serving.
Global case is complete with:
n. 1 Global G5 vegetable knife with blade length cm. 18 indicated for all cuts of vegetables or fruits
n. 1 Global G6 chef knife with blade length cm. 18 to chop, chop or sliced ​​raw meat
n. 1 Global G11R Yanagi knife (for right hand) with one side cut, blade length cm. 25 perfect for fish processing and sushi cutting
n. 1 Global G95 Knife Slicing flexible blade from cm. 25 Ideal for threading fish, slicing raw or cooked meats, ham, speck, roast beef, brisket, porchetta, roast
The elegant roll of Global can hold up to 9 knives.
Open dimensions width 45 cm and length cm. 50
Dimensions closed width cm. 16 and length cm. 50

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Price: € 489,00 € 440,10 GBP = 391,53  USD = 539,61  CNY = 3.473,01  JPY = 59.699,57

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