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Tuber-pack packaging for truffles

Tuberpack is an elegant and practical jar that guarantees hygiene and enables you to show off your truffles without touching them. The presence of a bag that acts as a barrier preventing the truffle’s pungent smell from escaping, makes both transport and positioning easier.
Tuberpack lengthens truffle shelf life when stored at recommended temperatures and weight loss is only 4-5%, much lower than the usual 10-15%..
Tuberpack was selected among the winners of the contest “Feeding the Future – Energy from Tradition” organised by Confartigianato Italia Expo 2015.

Shipping time: 3-4 days

Price: € 5,30 GBP = 4,72  USD = 6,50  CNY = 41,82  JPY = 718,95

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