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Measuring Vessel Flora 1 lt. RIESS

Measuring Vessel iron with porcelain enamel and extra sturdy backing.
Porcelain enamel is a glass coating, which means that all foods and ingredients retain their natural and non-adulterated taste.
Extremely resistant to cutting and scratching.
The strong iron core and the specially built base allow for rapid heating.
Heat input can be reduced quickly, saving energy.
The smooth, non-porous surface guarantees a perfect level of hygiene during cooking and preserving food.
Resistant to a temperature of 450 ° C, maximum recommended working temperature 220 ° C
Suitable for all stoves and ovens: induction, ceramic, appliance, gas oven.
Easy to clean.
Compatible dishwasher
Capacity 1 liter
Internally graduated
Size 14.5 x 11.5 cm.

Price: € 38,00 GBP = 31,81  USD = 50,01  CNY = 316,13  JPY = 3.817,97

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