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Shun Pro Mandolin - Professional Quality - Professional performace Kai

Shun Pro is widely recognized as kitchen cutlery for the ultimate connaisseur and our new Shun Pro Mandolin is a exception.
The Shun Pro mandolin features the blade preferred by professional japanese chefs - a one sided, bevelled edge with a hollow-ground back.
The single-bevel design means a incredibly sharp edge that's easy to maintain.
Further, the hollow-ground back creates an air pocket between the blade and the food, reducing friction and allowing for an easy glide pattern during use.
- Safest and easiest mandolin to use available.
- Cutting blade is VG "super-steel" made in Japan and features a single-sided, bevelled edge with hollow-ground back for superior cutting
- The ebony black PakkaWood feet are specifically designed for easy removal during storage and cleaning.
- Most parts are dishwasher safe, however handwashing of all blades, food spike and legs are recommended.
- Stainless steel construction provides a very stable platform
- Blades are stored in an attractive storage case
- 4 blades supplied: 3 with julienne cut 3 mm. 6 mm and 9 mm. and 1 with smooth cut
- The blades are stored in a safe storage container, easy to store and secure for their blades.
Mandolin Size: 52.1 x 21.6 x 26.7 cm

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Price: € 500,00 € 375,00 GBP = 313,95  USD = 493,50  CNY = 3.119,74  JPY = 37.677,38

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