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Kai Shun case completed with 6 Shun Classic damask knife and accessories

Professional Kai Shun chef bag completed with Shun Classic Knives, perfect for chefs that appreciate damascus kits and Japanese accessories with an excellent cut.
The Shun Classic professional knives are made of an extremely durable corrosion-resistant VG MAX steel sheet (61 ± 1 HRC, 1.0% carbon, 1.5% cobalt) that keeps the blade constantly sharp.
The outer part of the blade is made of a new generation 32-layer damask stainless steel. Thanks to the convex surface of the blade and the manual grinding of each Shun knife, an incomparable cut is obtained, which lets the knife slide even through the most difficult foods to cut.
This wire, combined with the balanced weight of the knife, allows you to work effortlessly.
This Kai Shun case contains the following products:
n. 1 Damascus kitchen knife
Blade: cm. 15 - Handle: 10.4 cm.
n. 1 Damascus boning knife
Blade: cm. 15 - Handle: 12.2 cm.
n. 1 Slicing knife
Blade: cm. 18, flexible, in AUS8A steel
Handle: 12.2 cm.
n. 1 Damascus Nakiri knife
Blade: cm. 16.5 - Handle: cm. 12.2
n. 1 Damascus Santoku knife Blade: cm. 18 - Handle: 12.2 cm.
n. 1 Damascus Chef knife
Blade: cm. 25.5 - Handle: 12.2 cm.
n. 1 Japanese Shun kitchen scissors
Length cut: cm. 5
n. 1 Kai Vegetable Peeler, with excellent cut and ergonomic handle in stainless steel.
Blade length: cm. 5
Handle: 9.2 x 4 cm.
The Kai Shun chef bag is built to hold 9 large and 8 small knives.
Closed size: 54 x 23 x 9 cm
Dimensions: 91 x 51 cm.

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Price: € 1.101,00 € 990,90 GBP = 829,58  USD = 1.304,02  CNY = 8.243,59  JPY = 99.558,70

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